A Prayer to My Father (orchestral)

An original work that is an interpretive medley of The Lord’s Prayer and O My Father, hymn #282 from the 1985 edition of the hymn book of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I often like to take two hymns with similar messages and combine them to achieve an unqiue or more powerful message. I've always wanted to attempt an arrangement of O My Father, and went looking for something to complement it. My heart kept turning to the Lord's Prayer, though my mind thought it was going to be tough fitting these two together. In the end my heart won out. I wanted to preserve the lilting feel of O My Father, but I wanted something more earnest, more intimate. So the first two minutes of this piece just represents us trying to search out that special communion with our Father in prayer. This is followed by expressions of curiousity and gratitude, and pleas for help, especially to be forgiven. When I consider all that I must be forgiven of this becomes the most heart-wrenching part of this kind of prayer, and the tempo slows as we struggle through our need to be forgiven. In the end we beg for the chance to return to live with him. We close the prayer with an acknowledgement of His goodness, power, and glory. and most importantly end in the Savior's holy name. I hope you enjoy this unique take on these two sacred hymns.

Written for SSAATTB choir and orchestra.

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