Reverently and Meekly Now

An arrangement of hymn #185 from the 1985 edition of the hymn book of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I submitted this arrangement to the annual sheet music competition hosted by It did not do very well in the competition. One of the comments I received was essentially, “What have you done? This is a sacrament hymn!” And I have to admit that, yes, you’ll never hear this version sung before participating in that ordinance.

But I wrote this anyway. As this is a rare “messianic” hymn, one in which the Savior sings to us, I chose to make the arrangement reflect the earnestness and urgency that I believe He feels that we accept and follow Him. No one is more invested in our personal salvation that He is. So I arranged this in a way that presents the Savior as pleading with us to repent and endure to the end.

Written for SSAATTBB choir with organ accompaniment.

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